14 November 2014


Today was non-uniform day at school to raise money for Children in Need. I wore my new Doc Martens, but even wearing big fluffy socks didn't protect my feet. Right now, I have a number of corns on the sole of my left foot, and a good few blisters on the ball of my right foot.

Wicked Witch of the West - Dorothy won't get these shoes!

I'm really hoping that they start to heal a bit overnight, because it's so painful to walk. Still, I'm going to have to figure out some way to go to dance tomorrow. No pirouettes for me!

Talking of pirouettes, though, I had PE in the sports hall today. We played badminton, and whilst I was waiting to go back to the changing rooms at the end of the lesson, I tried a quick pirouette. In my trainers. But the floor was very smooth, as they often are, so I got a TRIPLE pirouette!

I was so happy! I mean, sure, they weren't the neatest, my foot wasn't in retiré, and my arms probably weren't the neatest they've ever been, but I felt so weightless going around and around. I remember that when I decided to stop - I decided, I didn't fall out of it! - I could just put my foot down and squeeze my bum and then I'd stop.

When turning, I felt so powerful and stable, and it feels so good. I think something that helped was definitely the way I didn't think of prepping and I didn't think of anything other than a nice pirouette. I mean, I only tried for a double. Relaxing helps so much!

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