22 February 2014

My Makeup Routine Update...

Recently, I realised that my makeup and face care routine has changed slightly since I last wrote about it here.

For instance, I now use a Simple face wash twice daily, and it seems to be working to keep my spots at bay.

I also use a new 'foundation' type product. It's Maybelline's New Dream Pure BB cream, and it's extremely good, with much better coverage than my previous favourite, Avon MagiX. The light colourings work well for my skintone, which is fairly pale.

The last new product I use is Maybelline's Fit Me concealer. I find it has fairly good coverage for what I use it for - the dark circles under my eyes and small blemishes. Although if you needed heavy coverage, then I don't think this is the product for you.

Here's a shot of me with and without makeup...

Excuse the messy pony - morning hair!
This shot doesn't really do the makeup any justice, but you get the idea that the shine has been removed, as well as the dark circles under my eyes being hidden.

Poser, much?
Well, you can definitely see the mascara here! This is my go-to everyday makeup look, and I love it! I don't highlight or contour, but am I looking into getting some blush. Does anyone use any nice ones?

P.s. I won't be posting a Ballet Basics post today, but I hope to get one out next week. I need a studio to be able to take the photos, but I'll have one next weekend. Dance classes are off today. Thanks for understanding!

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