16 February 2014

Think Happy...19/52...

Well I've now got a week off from school! How's everyone?

I've had a pretty mixed bag of a week, but let's have a look at the positives :)

1. Nail painting. Recently I've become more than a little obsessed with this, and this morning I spent an hour or so redoing mine to look like this:

The cheery rainbow colours have made me so happy today, and the amount of people who've commented on them is amazing!

These are the colours I used, the first eight are ones I was given by my cousin, and the last two (right to left) are '21 - Fairy Dust' by Collection 2000 and '210 - Ethereal' by Rimmel.

2. Dance yesterday was fun - we had cover lessons since our teacher wasn't there, but I had a right laugh with George in street as well!

3. Cats rehearsals today went very well - I learnt the harmonies I sing with Harry, Charlotte and a few others, and I had a laugh, as usual, with Katie :)

Katie and myself in the toilets :)
4. End of school! I needn't say anything else!

5. Got the highest grade possible for the dance section of my PE grade - EP! (A* equivalent)

6. Launch of my new Ballet Basics series! Check it out here if you haven't already!

That's all for now I think, so have a good week and I'll speak to you soon! Bye!

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