20 February 2014

Painting the Moon!...

Yes, you read correctly! Yesterday, I spent three and a half hours with the Cats crew making the set and props. We only got about halfway through all of it, but it's all looking so good!

I chose to paint the Jellicle Moon alongside some other girls, and it turned out great!

We painted it with a couple of coats of white paint, then added in some black to make darker sections. We also added silver glitter paint, which I loved the most!

This is what the room looked like while we were collecting all the rubbish together, and then mid-tidy-up. It took about half an hour to clean up!

We made a whole bunch of rubbish-collages to decorate the sides of the stage...

And we made mice masks for the kittens to wear in Gumbie Cat!

We made so much more of the set and costumes...

We papier-mâchéd some cutlery, and Miss Catty is going to paint them today, I think!

I also escaped for a while and came up with some choreography and 'poses' for Mr Mistofelees...

Overall, we had a lot of fun yesterday!! Here are some of the in-progress and extra pictures!

All of these wonderful girls are sisters, except the one in the lower lefthand corner, that's me!

If you were there, I hope you had a great time, but if you weren't, I hope you enjoyed seeing our progress! Until next time :)

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