9 February 2014

Think Happy...18/52...

Hello again, time for another Think Happy!

1. Met a lovely girl through a ballet group on Facebook. If you're reading this Natacha, then hi!!

2. Dance rehearsals have been good - we've finished a lot of our dances recently and starting new ones as well.

I also recorded a dance with my friend Tanveer in contemporary class, but I'm not sure he'd want me to post it. That said, if you're friends with me on Facebook you'll have seen it. I will try to record it again in the next couple of months before he heads off to uni.

3. I hit 12 followers on Bloglovin!! Come on guys, follow me over there if you're not already - the link is in the sidebar :D

4. Today I was playing around on Gimp and ended up creating this image.

If you're struggling to see the fairy, why not pop on over to here and click on the magnifying glass above the picture? I think that helps :D

5. I've been working on my crochet a lot! I released my Baby Hearts pattern the other day, I have another Valentine-themed pattern almost ready to be published and I'm working on an amigurumi!

Do you want a sneak peek?

There you go! Make of it what you will :D

6. I had another photoshoot today - this time it was at Cats rehearsals. Talking of which, they went really well too, so that was a brilliant end to a brilliant week, minus a few small mishaps.

7. My brother's birthday was on Thursday, so we went out to celebrate! I ate so much food!

I think that's it for today then! I hope you all had a lovely

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