30 October 2013

Autumn Walk...

Yesterday saw some beautiful weather in the UK, and I also met up with my friend Lauren, who I haven't seen in more than a year. Because the weather was so nice, we decided to take a walk.

First off, we walked around the back roads to the church. I love the old stones it's made of.

At the side of the church is a farmyard with a farmhouse, old farm buildings and a car park for the church itself. And leading off from the yard are a couple of fields. The zoom on my camera is pretty good, as you can see in the picture above.
We took a wander down the canal at this point, and the boats were as pretty as always.
The sky wasn't perfect, I must admit, but most of the time it was pure blue with only a few puffy clouds.
The sky started clouding over as we were almost back home, but we still had a lot of photo opportunities :)
Looking back the way we'd just walked, this boat was slightly lopsided!

I really love this picture! The colours matched the boat, and they were just sitting there asking for a photo. Little did I know.... 

...that Lauren had found this little beauty resting on top of the same barge! She (I don't know if it was a she or a he) was so photogenic, and also so very friendly!

Walking back along the Moor's Lane, we said hello to the sheep...but they didn't seem very interested in us at all :(

The light was gorgeous at this point so I just couldn't resist this shot!

Almost home now...


And then we were home. This sign is so much ignored ;)
Back home, once Lauren had left, I was talking to Greg on webcam all evening. Such a lovely day :)

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