6 April 2014

Think Happy...26/52...

This is it guys! The halfway post! It's been half a year since I started this series, and I'm so proud to have made it this far. But at the same time, it's gone so quickly, so I guess that's making my sense of pride a little bit unfair! I don't know how much sense that makes to you, but it works in my head :)

But this week has been a mixture of emotions. It has gone very quickly, as it always seems to do, but some parts weren't as good as I had hoped. But some good things did come out of it!

1. The weather has mostly been spring!

2. All of the flowers are starting blooming and the colours look so beautiful :)

3. We've had extra rehearsals for our London rehearsals today and it's all coming together so well! I can't believe we're going to be performing there in two weeks time, it's all come around so quickly. I think it's because I was so focused on Cats for such a long time that this has just crept up on me.

Today we were dancing out in the car park (it's such a huge space, and there were no cars around!), and it was looking so good! Then all the parents turned up to pick us up, so we had an audience. My friend Jack, whose little sister I dance with, was sitting in his car watching as well. So that was fun!

I think that's all I have time for today, but as soon as all of my exams are over (in about a month's time) I will be posting more (hopefully). Bye for now, have a good week!

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