27 April 2014

Think Happy...29/52...

Hooray for an on-time post, woo! Haha hey everyone, how's your week been? I hope the weather held up for you guys, it wasn't too great where I live.

1. On Wednesday I danced with some classmates at a nursing home nearby. It was a warm morning so I decided to walk the 10 minute walk along to the home. I met up with a friend I dance with and we sat in the reception area for twenty minutes, waiting for everyone else. I did her hair in the meantime - I never thought I'd be able to do a bun with only five bobby pins!

When we got around to dancing, I did our 'Doll On a Music Box' dance with Beth, 'Think Of Me' with Beth and Lauren, and 'Everbody Dance Now' (which we danced in London) with some of the crew. We had to go to another part of the home and dance them again, so we did the two ballets, and for the street dance (also from London) we did 'Dibby Dibby Sound'. I've got to say, the Doll On a Music Box dance turned out the best I think. Rocky also did some freestyling, including some headstands/spins!

The people there loved our dancing, and it was so lovely to see their smiling faces! I think we're dancing there again on May 5th, so that should be good.

2. I've just been so lazy! I haven't done much at all. I've revised a little bit, ate a lot, smiled a lot more and slept for a long damn time! Life just doesn't get better.

3. After dance class yesterday, I went along to a dance shop nearby and bought some new dancey things!!

Here are my new pointe shoes! They Suffolk Solos, in size 6 X. I'm not over on them yet, obviously as I haven't broken them in, but the ladies in the shop loved them on me, and so do I!

These are my Bloch canvas split-sole ballet flats. They are so unbelievably comfy and fit me perfectly! They're a size 5, one size smaller than my street shoes, but I prefer them tighter than loose.

And I couldn't leave you without photos of my convertible tights. They're so much pinker in person, but they fit perfectly. My old ones were baggy and sagging at my knees, but these are the exact opposite. A bit thinner, maybe, but a better fit all round.

4. I got my penultimate costume for the dance show yesterday in pointe class.

I love this so much! Alright, I admit it makes me look and feel like a peacock, but it looks amazing in our dance! ('On My Own')

5. I'm discussing a photoshoot with Hannah as we speak! It's all very exciting stuff! I'm also revising, maybe I should have started it sooner in the holidays!

6. My personal life is going pretty well too. I've been talking to my friends a lot, having a lot of heart-to-hearts and the like. Also, my friend Shane has his own blog! He's an awesome guy, and it'd be great if you could pop on over here to check it out!

If you made it this far, thanks for reading! Let me know what you think - do you like the amount of photos I've included or do you thing I should cut down? And is there any content you'd like me to include? I hope you enjoyed this post.

I have exams all of this week at school, so wish me luck!!

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