14 April 2014

Think Happy...27/52...

Hey! I'm on Easter break now for two weeks, so I should get round to posting a whole lot more! This post is, yet again, a day late but I have some pretty photos to show you guys. Be prepared for a post that is more photos than writing!

1. On Friday night I went on an expedition to the end of my estate. I took my little brother along with his bicycle so he could get some exercise, I felt similar to 'walking a dog'! But the main focus on the walk was to get some photographs of the gorgeous blossom tree at the school I used to go to. It's actually planted inside the school grounds but most of it overhangs the road, so I wasn't trespassing.

And of course, I'd timed our walk so that we got to the tree as the sun was setting, so these shots just seemed to happen too.

At this point, my brother's two friends were outside with their bikes as well, so I took this opportunity to have a mini photoshoot.

As I was walking my brother home, the sun had almost set, and this is what I saw from the other end of the estate by my house.

2. On Tuesday I had a meal out with the cast of Cats at the local Italian restaurant. I had such a good time with everyone - the whole cast was there except James and Shane. We ended up taking a lot of photos, chatting and just catching up, although it had only been little over a week since most of us had seen each other!

I wore a cute dress and wedge heels, unfortunately I didn't get a proper photo of my whole outfit though.

Nasty lighting and blurriness, but myself, Imogen and Imogen :)

3. We had two super rehearsals for London this weekend! Oh my gosh, it looks so good now! Next Sunday before we leave for London, we are going to be performing at a memorial for Joel, a boy we danced for last year and many of us knew. I can't wait to perform, both there and at Sadler's Wells, it really will be such an experience!

Thank you for reading this far, and for browsing the photos! I hope you have a good week, mine will consist only of revision and dance!

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