25 February 2015

under the weather

Where did this phrase originate from, does anyone know? It sounds like there's a cloud of rain and misery floating around above your head, that no one can see. It's a funny thing, however it did come about.

On that note, I may as well say that school and life in general are getting to me right now. I officially have Cold #3 of 2015, such a good start, I know! Basically I just feel so drained and tired all the time, and school has just started back so I'm on the go all the time. I just wish I had one extra day at the weekend - right now I only have one day a week at home to relax.

But I can't complain. I get to see my friends, and I still get to dance. I'm just feeling ever more grateful for these little things as revision is slowly taking over everything.

On a completely unrelated note, I've really been loving these flower pictures I took last week. Maybe spring isn't so far away after all!