8 March 2014

Ballet Basics: The Positions of the Feet...

Seeing as I didn't have any requests for ballet steps, I decided to make a simple tutorial of the feet positions for you.

Let's get started!

First position. This is the most basic foot position, excluding parallel, and it is the first thing you learn. Ensure that your heels are together and your feet are turned out as far as you can, making sure that your knees are pulled up.

This is second position. Once again, turn your feet out and pull your knees up. Don't let your feet be too far apart, but also don't keep them too close together that people mistake them as a really awful first position ;)

Now, this is third position. I think you should take it as certain that you need to turn out and pull up now, so I'm not going to repeat myself again, you'll just thinking I'm nagging you! Just remember!

This is fourth open. Before you nag me, let me just say that, yes, I do know that this isn't the correct position, this is. My model and I were being hurried along before the next class got into the studio, so I wasn't thinking straight. Basically, your heels should be in line with each other.

Fourth closed. I remember that this is closed because you're squeezing your thighs together and therefore closed. The heel of your front foot should be in line with the toe of your back foot.

Finally, this is fifth position. It seems so natural to me now, but you must remember to turn out that back foot too!

Now, would you like to see my model? Alright, meet Hannah :)

Alright, so that marks the end of today's post, I hope you enjoyed it! Would you like to see any particular guides next week? I'm running out of ideas and we've barely even started! Aha, bye for now ♥


  1. Aw this is such a cute post! How long have you been doing Ballet for? I wish I did it!! :) xx


    1. Thank you so much! I've been taking ballet classes for about ten and a half years now; you should start, it's so much fun! xx

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