9 March 2014

Think Happy...22/52...

Hello my lovelies, how's your week been? Mine's actually gone okay, apart from a couple of minor things. I'm really enjoying writing these posts, it gives me something positive to look to!

1. Spring is finally here! I don't mean to jinx the weather or anything, but the past couple of days have been super hot and sunny (for spring , anyway) and all of the flowers have been out.

2. My dance classes have been good on the whole this week, apart from a stressed out class at the start of the week. But it's all coming together now, and Cats is in less than three weeks now! Eeeek!

3. My mum bought her ticket for our London performance, it's going to come in the post soon!

I think that's the highlights from this week done actually, but how was your week? Bye for now ♥

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