17 March 2014

Think Happy...23/52...

First things first, yet more apologies for this post being late, and last week's Tunesday post non-existent. My Cats show is coming up and I've had an unbelievable amount of rehearsals and exams. But anyway, shall we start?

1. Noticing all of the blossom growing on the trees! The weather, especially yesterday (Sunday) was just perfect; it's really starting to feel like spring now!

2. Hannah started her very own blog! Read it here, trust me, she's amazing!

3. Dance rehearsals have gone well, 5 weeks until I dance in London!

4. Cats rehearsals yesterday went so unbelievably well! I got my (unfinished) costume, we recorded for the radio and took photos for the newspaper!

Some funny instances: I almost fell off a wall in the cemetery (outside where we rehearse) so Shane caught me; everyone's reactions to the costumes; dancing around and posing for photos; singing for the radio and only hearing one or two people in the recording! Aha it was so much fun! Then I had to rush off to another two-hour dance class, after already dancing for four hours!

I hope everyone's week was amazing! Just a note: if I don't post my regular posts for the next 12 or so days, you'll know that I'm at rehearsals! Wish me luck!