2 March 2014

Think Happy...21/52...

Hello! How's everyone's week been? Mine has been pretty tiring!

1. The flowers are coming out and our chicken is so pretty!

2. Dancing this week has been hard work, which was pretty fun. We had to rehearse our Jabawockeez with our masks on, and did a lot of hard work in all of our other classes.

3. Isabella drew me the cutest picture ever!

4. School hasn't been too bad either. I'm friends with a pair of twins, and one of them has had to have another operation during the school holidays, so she wasn't in school last week and won't be for a couple more weeks to come. I hope you get better soon Megan!

5. Cats today was really fun! We were only rehearsing for three hours today, but it felt like half an hour. We set the walk down (our bows and curtseys) and ran through the whole of act two. This time in 28 day it will all be over!

6. Last weekend I bought a game on Steam called Ace of Spades, and I love it so much! It's kind of hard to play without a proper mouse (I don't have one for my laptop), but I did pretty well, although Hannah is an expert.

I can't think of anything else specific that happened, but it's just felt so good! I hope you have a good week!

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