30 July 2014

Abs and Squats | Day 2...

Today's workout consisted of an increased number of reps to yesterday. Well, I mean, obviously. Each day's workout gets harder than the last. I'd also like to mention that I won't be photographing everyday, instead I will be getting photos every five days, as this will show progress (if any!) more clearly.

The sit ups. Not too bad. Tougher than yesterday but still okay.

The crunches. I more or less got over my fear of the yesterday, so today was easy, but my neck hurts when I'm doing them. I'm sure this is because of incorrect form, but I don't know how to correct them. Help?

The leg raises. These weren't unpleasant at all, but I did feel them.

The plank. Easy peasy. I can do a minute easily, so this was nice and relaxing, actually!

The squats. Omg. I did them all at once after sticking on some pop music with a good beat, but my legs hurt now!

Anyway, that's two days down, 28 to go! I'm 1/15 of the way there! Yay!


  1. Nice to hear that you're doing great with working out. Just be careful with your exercise routine, though. Your joints and muscles can snap and tear at any point from the wrong stress and positioning. I think you should have your neck checked. It may be indicative of a more underlying problematic condition, so better be aware of it this early. Take care!

    Tyrone Bryant @ McIver Chiropractic Center

    1. Thanks so much! I do warm up by jogging before I do these exercises to reduce risks. I'll go and get it checked soon, I'd hate to injure myself! Once again, thanks for your advice!