19 July 2014

Attic24's Bower Bird...

Hiiii!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited to write this post today because it's finally happening! After a year-long wait, Lucy's pattern for a bower bird was released the other day, and I finished mine today!

Isn't she just the sweetest?! I highly recommend that you go check out the pattern right here, because she has so many gorgeous birds over on her blog.

I love her so much! She's made from acrylic DK yarn, but the pale blue details are stitched with cotton DK, and I actually prefer this yarn, so maybe I'll make an entirely cotton bird one day soon.

Anyway, here's another full-body shot...

Aww, it feels like I'm falling in love! Anyway, I already have another on my hook, so I'll leave now so you have time to make your own. Send me a link once you have, I'd love to see yours! Bye!

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