7 July 2014

Think Happy...39/52...

I believe this is the first time I've missed the deadline for one of these posts, which is surprising, but inevitable. Yesterday I had to write an entire essay, which took all day, so it could be ready for school today. Oh well, the post is here now!

1. On Saturday at dance, Hannah and I had a mini spur-of-the-moment photoshoot. My favourite shot from the shoot is this one.

A not so nice part of pointe class, however, was that I forgot my ouch pouches, and dancing without them for fifteen minutes resulted in some pretty nasty blisters (my first ones from pointe in over a year though, so not bad going!).

2. Mural painting on Friday was a good substitute for lessons, and although the people I was with sucked more than a little bit, my friend Shane walked in to take photos so he made me smile a bit, thankfully. You've got to love the kind of people who can make you smile just by walking into a room.

3. My old school had its summer fete on Thursday and the squads from my dance school were performing, so I went to have a bit of fun with my friends and watch my other friends dance. I took a load of pictures, but I can't really show them because of child protection. One of my friends took this cute picture tho!

4. On Friday, I did a performance at Hannah's old junior school, which turned out great! She couldn't make it as she had had a terrible migraine all day, so I got a solo ;)

5. On Saturday I also danced at a carnival nearby, and it was awesome!

I think that's all for now! Hope you have a great week :D

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