13 July 2014

Think Happy...40/52...

I've had such a long day today, which means I'm shattered now, and I can feel my eyes closing as I type this. I went up to the Peak District today with my parents and one of my brothers, and we did so much walking. I took hundreds of photos, but I'll save them for another day.

1. PEAK DISTRICT! I had an amazing time, here's a selfie!

2. This week was pretty cool. I had a full street dance class on Monday night because I didn't have to go out and practise a performance dance with Shanice, Mia and Hannah. It was also pretty cool because a guy called Luke was there. We were in the same class in year 7, but then he moved to Hannah's school and became close friends with my cousin, Jasmine. It was awesome to see him and dance with him for the first time in over three years!

3. Contemporary was different on Tuesday. Not necessarily a bad different, just weird different. For a start, we had a new teacher, a girl called Becky instead of Tanveer. I dance with her anyway in other classes and she's covered contemporary before, but her dance style is very different to Tan's. Tan's are/were very physical, maybe that's because he's a guy, and I love them so much. Becky's, however, is very slow and lyrical, which explains her song choice. It's different, and it's challenging me to use emotions more in my dance!

4. Erm, what else happened this week that was good. Oh, we had sports day on Thursday. What made it good was that I didn't compete, so I sat in the sun for two hours and tried to get a tan. Like that was going to happen! What sucked is that my form came third (out of our year group). We had won the cup three years running, and this year the girls won all of the finals, but the boys didn't even make it to any finals, causing us to lose the crown. But still, it was fun missing two lessons.

5. Dance yesterday was pretty good, actually. We did more stretching and strengthening, and Hannah and I took some photos.

6. On both Wednesday and yesterday I went to my friend Katie's house and helped her practice her flips and front hand springs. And I discovered how amazing the shutter speed changing mode on my camera is :D

7. I bought a new rubber ball, so now I can actually roll my feet out before ballet - score!!

And I think that's all for now, to be honest. This morning I had a bit of a relationship malfunction, but you know, you just get on with it. Have a good Monday!

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