20 July 2014

Think Happy...41/52...

So this week has been outstanding for me! Let's begin!

1. Did my hair and makeup! Cat's eyes and bun with bandana :D

2. Dancing has been fun this week. In street on Monday I was on my own but I got to show off my epic tricks, which was cool. Contemporary was better, although, again, I was on my own. Becky (our new teacher) put us in a really cool looking formation. And ballet and pointe was good yesterday, painful, but good!

3. I made three Bower Birds, see here for the first one!

4. Found an awesome new ballet and stretching YouTube channel!

5. Found out that I'm taking an AS level along with my GCSEs next year!

6. Last week at school!

7. Saw my cousin instead of my cinema trip today, which was sadly cancelled :(

8. Got a summery feeling!!

That's all I can think of for now, but watch out for these next six weeks. Lots more posts!

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