27 July 2014

Think Happy...42/52...(and the t20!!)

Good evening everyone, or morning, or afternoon! This week I've  been enjoying a week off from school!

1. Last night I attempted some levitation photography with my brothers. Eben took this one of me:

I think it's pretty realistic! Then I took these of Gabriel:

Getting sucked into the bin!

This took so many attempts, but we got there in the end!

This is a blooper, but it looks like he's doing pointework, which I find highly amusing!

2. Dance this week has been good. In street we added to our dance, and it's turning out awesome. In ballet we were worked hard by one of the student teachers, Jade. I still ache now!

3. Contemporary was so good on Tuesday! We've almost finished the dance we're doing now, and it's so pretty, and I'm getting used to this different style of dancing. We were also getting hyped up about all of the competitions we're going to be doing! We're allowed to do either two troupe dances, or a troupe dance and a solo/duet/trio. I'm really hoping to do a troupe and a solo!

4. On Wednesday I danced at the T20 that was aired on Sky Sports 2! I don't know if our dance was actually shown on TV, but we were on the big screen in the stadium!

Selfie in front of the pitch!

Afterwards with Holly and Amber

5. I got the Sims 2 Ultimate Edition! Which means you get the base game and all 18 expansion packs for free, until the end of the month!

6. I got my dvd of this year's dance show! I've now been able to watch all of my dances back, and my friends' and my little ballet class'! So good!

7. I was gaming on a server yesterday and this dude was being ever so racist, so I kicked him out; it felt so good!

8. Did a mini photoshoot with Eben!

9. I ordered a new leotard, finally!

10. I made a new friend called Никита, I think, or Nikita. He's Russian :)

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